The Beauty of Profit First

how to start paying yourself from your business what you are truly worth in 7 simple and practical tips you can implement today


Which group below do you belong to?

It doesn't have to be that way. Join our exclusive group of profitable business owners who get to live their purpose while paying themselves what they are worth.

Here are 7 steps you can implement today to get you on the path to permanent profitability in your business
  1. Leverage your habits; don't fight them. With bank balance accounting, you don't have to change the way you already operate your finances.
  2. Flip the accounting equation to be Sales - Profit + Pay + Taxes = Operating Expenses.
  3. Set aside money for taxes as a habit; not a panic-inducing after-thought.
  4. Reduce temptation with "small plates" bank accounts.
  5. And three more immediately implementable steps...

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