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Fully guided and personalized implementation of Profit First in just 5 weeks

Tired of stressing out about the finances in your business? Especially tired of never having enough cash left over after all the bills to actually pay yourself properly?

Over 5 weeks, Jennifer will personally guide you through the implementation of Profit First in your business so you can stop stressing over cash and get back to serving your clients and growing your business.

Each week we will delve into a new topic about implementing Profit First. We will walk you through all of the principles and concepts of Profit First all while implementing it into your own company, so that you can start paying yourself what you are actually worth. By the end of the 5 weeks, you will have all of the knowledge -- and practical experience -- to run Profit First in your business from now until you retire!

What you'll get:

  • Weekly technical sessions about the Profit First methodology

  • Your own Profit Assessment and the calculator tools to do your own Profit Assessment every quarter

  • A fully laid out Profit First allocation plan for the next 6-8 quarters so that you have a path from your starting point to your target allocations

  • A handy allocations calculator tool so you can quickly calculate exactly how much to put into your Profit First bank accounts each week

  • A tool to determine exactly how big or small your company's revenues need to be to meet the needs of your lifestyle -- our Lifestyle Congruence Calculator

  • Mindset worksheets so that you can truly fall back in love with your business

  • A list of any other additional bank accounts that you might need for your particular business and industry

  • A weekly one hour Zoom call with Jennifer to answer any questions you might have about your Profit First implementation

  • Access to our private Facebook group for three months to ask any questions you might have as you go beyond the five week course

  • Priority access to Jennifer's calendar beyond the five weeks to sign up for additional strategy sessions

By the end of the five weeks, we know you will have all of the tools at your disposal to fully implement Profit First in your company and be on the path to permanent profitability where you pay yourself what you truly are worth!

We hear most often from business owners who have implemented Profit First "I wish I had just got started on this as soon as I started my company. It would have saved me so much heartache. It's simple and genius. Why didn't I do this ages ago?"

Don't be one of those people ... just get started now by setting up a discovery call with Jennifer.

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