About Your Coach, Jennifer McKinley

Jennifer McKinley is passionate about helping small business owners finally get their businesses to a level of financial health whereby the business owner is finally able to pay themselves what they are worth. In short, Jennifer's mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty ... you know the drill ... your company looks great on the outside, but each month after all of the bills are paid (rent, employees, sub-contractors, tax etc.) there isn't enough left over for the business owner to pay themselves what they are actually worth.

A serial entrepreneur in the luxury consumer goods + beauty industries, with deep consulting experience globally at The Boston Consulting Group + IBM, Jennifer has established a boutique consulting practice in New Zealand, serving small business owners worldwide.

She focuses on working with micro + small business owners of young companies in implementing the Profit First cash flow methodology + the Fix This Next evaluation processes, both of which are designed to improve the financial health of micro + small businesses.

The Beauty of Profit First is New Zealand's only full-time firm certified in the Profit First cash flow methodology + the Fix This Next diagnostic methodology. We work with businesses to evaluate, organize + implement the cash flow methodology that has been successfully implemented in over 300,000 small businesses worldwide.

As a Profit First firm, we have direct hands-on experience increasing the profits for multiple businesses + have access to profit specialists throughout the globe in a variety of industries.

Additionally, we are certified in the Fix This Next methodology whereby we use a proprietary diagnostic tool to evaluate the one vital need the business owner needs to fix in their business. This tool can be used over + over as each next vital need is fixed so that the business owner can be constantly up-levelling the company to peak performance.

Jennifer especially loves working with first-time entrepreneurs in the packaged goods industry who have a passion for serving their customers + developing new products, yet are intimidated by the business finances, especially around managing inventory pressures on cash flow. Her calm approach demystifies business finances so you can understand your company's cash flow without having to learn accounting.