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Profit First Pod


You know the drill: you are busy building the business of your dreams.... and yet, there never seems to be quite enough left over after paying your business bills to actually pay yourself what you are worth ... what you know you are truly worth?

In just 5 easy steps, after going through our step-by-step guide to implement the world-renowned Profit First cash flow system, you will be in the company of over 600,000 small business owners worldwide who have permanently profitable companies.

How great is that? Peace + clarity around your financials in 5 easy steps ... without having to learn or love accounting!

Not only that but you will be able to have 6 months of ongoing support, led by Jennifer, NZ's only certified Profit First Professional Coach, to make sure you get all of your questions answered along with ongoing accountability. Let's make sure you stay on track!


You know the drill: you are busy building the business of your dreams.... and yet, there never seems to be quite enough left over after paying your bills to actually pay yourself what you are worth ... what you know you are truly worth?

In our Profit First Pod, you will get:


Videos + workbooks tailored to the type of business you have: service-based, inventory-based or tradie-based.


Here you can customise + implement Profit First for your business in 5 Easy Steps.

You will also have access to downloadable calculator tools to easily manage in your cash flow in less than 30 minutes each week.

Fortnightly support calls for 6 months with Jennifer to have all of your questions answered + to ensure that you stay on track with your Profit First implementation.

Learn from Jennifer as well as with the other small business owners in the group.


Go deeper into money mastery topics such as your Money Code, your energy + time management, your profit drivers. Keep up-leveling your confidence around your money management.

What You Will Get

1. Learn how to implement Profit First in your company with guided tools + calculators.

2. Create your personalized 6-quarter profitability rollout plan. 

3. Gain the skills to manage your company's cash flow smartly + efficiently without having to get to grips with accounting. That's right ... no accounting jargon!

4. Six months of access to our Profit First Pod where you can receive ongoing support + guidance.

5. Priority access to Jennifer's calendar if you need additional one-on-one support.

Ready to Join The Profit First Pod for just $997?
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Q: Do I need one-on-one coaching or can I do this by myself?

A: Many small business owners around the world read the book, Profit First, and then feel entirely comfortable implementing it on their own.
Many others don't have the time or the inclination to figure out their own profit assessment, TAPS, CAPS and everything else that Profit First recommends. They would rather work with a coach, like Jennifer, to help them implement + hold them accountable. The Profit First Pod fits somewhere in-between: Jennifer will walk you through the implementation step-by-step, taking the concepts in the book + breaking them down into understandable, bite-sized steps. 

Q: How will the course materials be delivered?

A: You will be granted access to the step-by-step guides immediately. Each step is accompanied by a video walking you through what to do. You will also have access to a downloadable workbook that you get to keep forever. As you walk through the materials, you also get six months access to the private Facebook group so you can be asking questions there. There is also a fortnightly group coaching call where you can come and have your specific questions worked through with Jennifer. Even if you don't have a question, come along and hear from other like-minded business owners. They may be asking a question you haven't even thought about! Plus you will have support from other business owners on their own Profit First journey.

Q: How quickly can I expect results?

A: That's the beauty of Profit First! By the time you have implemented the steps, you will be profitable from your very next deposit. Imagine that! Of course, though, the implementation will provide laser focus on where the cash is going in your business and so changes in how you are running your business might become apparent. That's when you will need to make some changes to carry on growing profitably.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: Yes we do. You can either pay upfront and save (which by the way is the Profit First way!) or you can separate your payments into 2, 3 or even 6 payments depending on your cash flow needs. You will get access to all of the course materials regardless of which payment option you choose.

About Your Coach

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Jennifer McKinley

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New Zealand's only certified Profit First Professional, I help small business owners implement Profit First so that they can finally have clarity and peace around their company finances. Having implemented Profit First in my skincare company -- Cor Silver -- I now help other small business owners implement Profit First.


To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone. I've been where you might be now: falling out of love with my business because of the stress around company finances. Profit First changed all of that for me + now I have a beautiful lifestyle company that works for me. Let me help you fall back in love with your business too by gaining clarity, peace + focus around your company finances.

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