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Local Business Partners

We help growing consumer packaged goods (cpg)
business owners gain peace + clarity around their company finances 

We believe that you, as the business owner, should earn enough from your talents to provide for your family.
We believe that you can thrive in building a sustainably profitable business with some simple steps in learning how to run your cash flow.

Work With Us In 3 Different Ways

Business Meeting at a Cafe



Profits Pod

Our most popular program for the DIYers out there: teaching CPG business owners how to confidently get in control of their finances. Gain clarity around your cashflows in less than 1 hour per week.


Cash Flow 


Go deeper in understanding your business cash flows + how you can affect change now + in the future. Get ready to uncover each + every cash flow driver working 1:1 with Jennifer.


Money Mindset Mastery

Once you have gained confidence in the day to day management of your cash flows, go deeper in a year long program to master all aspects of changing + embracing your money story. 

We love nothing more than teaching small business owners (such as yourself) how to implement tested, practical + outcome driven processes that will drive smart money management + sustainably profitable growth.


About Jennifer McKinley, CPG Owner + Cash Flow Consultant


A serial entrepreneur in the luxury consumer goods + beauty industries, with deep consulting experience globally at The Boston Consulting Group + IBM, Jennifer has established a boutique consulting practice serving young, growing CPG business owners worldwide.

She focuses on working with micro + small business owners of young companies. She helps them gain the confidence they need in managing the company finances, particularly around cash flows + operations so they can get back to growing their brands.

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What can you expect from working with Jennifer?

CALLY PEDERSEN - Founder + CEO of The Sage Agency


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