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Welcome to The Beauty of Profit First

We help startup business owners set up intuitive + uncomplicated cash flow management processes so you can grow profitably while paying yourself what you are truly worth ... even if you are intimidated about managing your company's finances.
We help uncomplicate your business finances so you can have peace about your numbers + cash flow, so you can sleep at night so ultimately you can get back to the business of serving your clients with passion + clarity.
If you are the owner of a young + growing company that is struggling to figure out your cash flow so you can pay yourself, set aside money for taxes, pay your vendors, subcontractors + employees, your landlord, all while managing your top line growth then let's chat!
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If you are tired of stressing out about your company's finances, book a call with me today + let's see how we can get started

I work one on one with you to get you started on a path to permanent financial stability where you can finally pay yourself what you know you are worth.
You will join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are building financially healthy companies and will come away with a set of tools to manage the continued growth + profitability of your company on your own. I believe in teaching you how to use the tools so that you don't have to be paying for a coach/consultant forever.
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Is today the day you stop worrying about your cash flow so you can start growing your business profitably?

Join our next intimate group program where we get real with your numbers so you can put order in place and finally have peace about your company finances. Click the banner below for more details.

Our next group cohort starts on March 16th. Is that going to be the day that you invest in implementing the world-renowned Profit First cash flow management system?

I love so much being able to work with so many fantastic entrepreneurs one-on-one. And the results for these business owners have been nothing but stunning! Debt slayed, turnarounds completed, massive growth which has been done profitably.
So now, I am thrilled to be able to work with more companies at once through our intimate group coaching program. With just 10 participants per cohort, you will still get the attention + results that my one-on-one clients receive.
So let's do this! Starting March 16th for 8 weeks.
I can't wait to get my finances in order!

Why I'm So Passionate About Profit First + Fix This Next

I've been there done that: started a business with all the passion in the world. Grew it to become a respected global brand … except what people didn't know is that financially I would have been better off staying in my corporate job. I grew, grew, grew + kept "reinvesting" in the business without paying myself what I was worth.
At my wits end, I heard about Profit First - the cash flow management methodology made famous by Mike Michalowicz - on a podcast. It immediately made sense to me + I implemented it right away. Simply put, I could get back to serving my customers + growing my company's brand because all of a sudden I could focus on the business instead of worrying about the cash flow.
Fast forward three years, it has been such a game-changer in my own business that I became certified as a Profit First Professional + Fix This Next Advisor. 
Let me show you exactly how to implement the system in your young company so that as you focus on growth + quality of service and products for your customers, you know the finances are healthy + will provide the security every brave small business owner deserves.

Here more of my story straight from the horse's mouth on the Cubicle to CEO podcast with the amazing Ellen Yin. Click here


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