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Celebrating All The Special Ladies of The World

That title is a nod to the brilliant + hilarious Flight of the Conchords, one of my favourite New Zealand-centered shows of all time. But in all seriousness, today is International Women’s Day + I want to take a moment to recognise all of the wonderful women CEOs I have had the pleasure of guiding in their own journeys to step up as CEOs in a sustainably profitable way. Not only are these women achieving great things in their businesses, but also they are teaching a whole new generation of women that it is possible to build incredible companies all while nurturing their incredible families too.

The global pandemic has done a number on women-owned businesses, for sure. The data supports that while work from home has been hard on everyone, it has been especially hard on the mothers + wives who have borne the majority of the new work + school from home realities we all have faced. They continued to grow their companies while managing the schooling from home of their children. They continued to grow their companies while supporting their partners who are all of a sudden working from home too. They continued to grow their companies while managing the care of their elderly parents. Through it all they continued to grow their companies.

And yet, I’m seeing a lot of discussion lately in the women-owned business groups I belong to about “When is it time to pack it in? When does it just all become too hard? I'm burned out; how long can I keep doing this?”

There is no shame in saying “You know what. I need to step back from my business for a bit. I need to focus on other areas just right now.”

But before doing that, ask yourself:

  1. Why did I start this business in the first place? Are those reasons still valid?

  2. Do I see a path to profitability? [Hint: of course you do! You are a Profit First fan.]

  3. What needs to change in all areas of my life to enable me to carry on with my business in a way that works for me + my whānau?

One of the wonderful elements of owning your own business is that you get to choose how you run that business. So, if you are struggling right now + want to hit reset on your business, reach out. We can help you get going again in a way that can lead to permanent + sustainable profitability from your very next bank deposit.

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