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Effing Climbing Asparagus + Profit First

We live in a beautiful little beach community called Mangawhai. Every day I wake up feeling very grateful for living here, except for … the effing climbing asparagus. This weed is the bane of my existence. It may look pretty at first glance, but it spreads, kills the native trees and seedlings, and is incredibly hard to get rid of once it has taken root. It smothers the forest floor and understorey up to 4 metres. It even raises light levels, causing the invasion of further weeds. And it is everywhere is our little town. I mean, everywhere!

Dealing with it oftentimes feels futile. No sooner have I cleared one area in our native bush It has cropped up somewhere else. But here’s the thing … and why I am likening it to Profit First? Every day, if I just do a little bit it starts to feel less futile and if I step back to look at the forest from the trees (see what I did there?! LOL), I see progress. Instead of putting aside a whole weekend to deal to it, I go out every day and just do 1/2 hour.

And so it is too with Profit First. Thinking about your company finances can be overwhelming. In fact, many of my one-on-one clients tell me, when we start working together, that they haven’t really looked at their finances for 6 months, 1 year, sometimes even longer. It’s stressful and it’s overwhelming.

But once they implement Profit First, they are able to spend just a little bit of time every week making their bank account allocations and it gives them the immediate clarity they hadn’t had before. Using the Profit First system, every dollar that comes into the business already has a purpose and through those allocations they can see how much they can spend after putting aside money for the important things like GST, taxes, owners pay and profit. Over time, they can look at the progress they have made — it shows up in the growth of their profit hold account, their tax hold account, their new product development account and so on.

Simply by spending just 1/2 hour a week doing their allocations they can see the progress they are making in becoming a healthier company, financially.

In fact, many of my clients now look forward to Profit First allocations day. My client, Clare told me just this week that she gets quite get excited about doing her allocations every Friday. Another client, Claudia, jokingly told me that she never knew moving money around could feel so empowering!

Just like me with my effing climbing asparagus … taking 1/2 hour to work on it consistently is now adding up to whole areas of the property being asparagus-free and it is super heartening to see the growth of tons of new little native seedlings pushing through where the asparagus used to be.

Little by little … that’s how we all move forward!

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